As consultants to the Plan Administrator, we perform administration for the following types of Plans:
This plan allows Participants to contribute a set amount or percentage from their paycheck each pay period on a pretax basis, allowing Participants to defer taxation. Employers may also elect to match Participant deferrals, and/or make contributions based on compensation. 401(k) Plans can also be designed under new “Safe Harbor” formulas to automatically pass non-discrimination testing of deferral and matching contributions.

Defined Benefit
This is designed to pay a monthly benefit to Participants upon retirement. The amount of the monthly benefit can be based on a Participant's final average compensation or years of service, or a combination of both. This type of plan is 100% funded by the employer. Although it is not as flexible as a 401(k)/Profit Sharing Plan, a Defined Benefit Plan can generate a much higher deductible contribution and accrue benefits at a much faster rate.

Cash Balance
A cash balance plan is a type of defined benefit plan that has the characteristics of a defined contribution plan. Each year Participant accounts are credited with calculated contributions, based on compensation, and a prescribed interest rate, yielding hypothetical account balances.

We provide the following standard administrative services:

  • Review of employee census
  • Calculation of required, maximum, and optimal deductible contribution amounts
  • Performance of annual non-discrimination tests as required by law
  • Review of trust accounting
  • Provision of Annual Compliance Report for employer
  • Provision of individual benefit statements for participants (if not issued by Recordkeeper)
  • Preparation of Summary Annual Report (SAR) for participants, if required by IRS regulations
  • Preparation of Annual Funding Notice (AFN) for participants, if required by IRS regulations
  • Preparation of annual Form 5500 series filing
  • Provision of Annual Actuarial Certification (Schedule SB)
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