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As retirement plan consultants, we provide planning and installation services in addition to all the necessary documentation to adopt and maintain a qualified retirement plan, including:
  • Resolutions;
  • Adoption Agreements;
  • Plan Documents;
  • Trust Agreements; and
  • other Forms and Notices.

We provide a very flexible Prototype Plan Program which has been structured to provide for the retirement plan objectives of most employers, but also provide Individually Designed Plans for employers whose retirement plan requirements do not fit within the Prototype Plan structure.

We believe investment philosophies and financial requirements of plan sponsors can vary greatly. Our firm’s broad experience and strong record in administering various retirement programs utilizing all types of investment products provide plan sponsors with maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing or changing the investments to offer under your clients’ plans. We also provide complete actuarial and administrative services for Defined Benefit Pension Plans.

By participating in our Prototype Plan Program, your clients can reduce or totally eliminate the user fees associated with obtaining an IRS Determination Letter for their Qualified Retirement Plan. As a participating employer, your clients benefit from a special extended reliance period once their plan is properly covered by an IRS Notification Letter. If your clients adopt a Prototype Plan, their plan is properly covered unless their plan does not meet certain automatic reliance requirements. Under the extended reliance period, your clients will have a delayed compliance date for any regulations, Revenue Rulings or other published Treasury or IRS guidance issued after our original Prototype Plan documents have been approved.